Friday, June 6, 2008

week 6! on 6/6/08

hmm not much to say. havent done anything special really. just been hanging out / playing rockband.

went to pink's hot dog in LA late last night to visit the gf. the wait at the line was almost 2 hours goddamn. here's what my friend got D: heart attack is waht it is (double patty, double pastrami, one polish dog chili and double cheese). some guy got this PLUS another polish dog. the lady couldnt even wrap it up haha. i was takling to him and he said he's going to attempt a triple everything next time. crazy bitch. anyways that burger is about 10$. if he ever sends me pics i'll upload what i got :D.

the jawnz! the wear is reallly getting there... but i can never seem to capture it =/ oh well..

the back pockets are starting to wear thin..

the right pocket is dying D:

that crotch hole.. is really bad.

and the fit.

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