Friday, May 30, 2008

had a little random shoot last night/early morning of my friends' cars. pics came out okay. just starting at this stuff lawl. thought posting it would be kinda cool.

haha goofing around..

i attempted a bicycle kick and kneed myself in the face. my lip is now swollen as a result. but look at those stacks/combs!

it says Lol, kan yew c EET?!

showing off to the ladies. jk>_>.. though my friends were kinda like ladies.

week 5 (on time!)

yay for an on-time post. here is week 5 of the sexfh05 journey. i finally got a battery for my rebel, so i snapped these with it. theyre not that great haha.. theyre starting to break and the wear is getting a lot more noticeable. too bad i can't capture it though =/


top button (wearing off?).

gaping crotch-hole. D:!

fit picture.

Monday, May 26, 2008

sorry it's late.. (week 4)

lawl late to update the pics this week. this is because it was helen's birthdayyyyy. on friday we hung out, saturday there was a party at her house, sunday she came to a party at my house and monday we went to watch indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull & went to the park. ^_^ yayy.. funfun. we also had wingstop. it was good. happy birthday babeeeee

rest assured however that the actual pictures were taken on the CORRECT day, friday, may 23rd. and it's been one month. on may 25th i wore a different pair of jeans D: but i wore the sexfhs to work! weather has been crappy so the pictures are as well =/ it was wet/cold on the day i took these.. enjoy as much you can.

this is what the buttons look like..

the combs

the obligatory fit pic.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

my jeanz

really bored today>___>

Friday, May 16, 2008

3 weekszszszs

so todayyy i went to Nick's this amazzzzing little shop in seal beach. they have the best fucking breakfast burritos evar. no lie. that + orange 'n cream soda makes an awesome morning. next week is finals and i should be studying!!! D:

anddd now onto the only part that anyone cares about, the pictures. would've gotten these up earlier today but it was so goddamn hot. the hottest i saw it hit was 104, and the ac in my car doesnt work (: go figure.

i started to cuff them.. iono why :P

here's how they fit at 3 weeks..