Saturday, May 3, 2008

audrey's 20th

also on friday may 2nd, i went to the beaaaaaaach for audrey's birthday. was funnish i guess. audrey said to meet at her house at 9 oclock. i got there at 930, and she didnt even know what was going on. i had to find the cue-like place (photosticker) in garden grove to take some of those sticker pictures since she wanted to. that wasnt too bad, more fun than i expected. afterwards we went to the beach.. got there around probably 1130ish and stayed til almost 1 i think. some beach patrol dood came and told us they closed at ten. leave it to audrey to not know how to plan :P. still had a good time though.. here are some pics :D

please excuse my silly hat. :P

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Jess said...

hah nice blog keep up that hard wear. My flatmate has these as well.