Thursday, May 1, 2008

my jeans are holy.

fuck so today... i got out of biology and was heading to lab. took a seat and looked down at my jeans. what did i see?? two fucking holes. damn it. theyre not big.. but still theyre there and im just wondering if they would get worse or not. contemplating patching them up with some 19oz samurai denim i have.. here are the pics..


aite motherfucking edit.

so i head to work today and im feeling my jeans and it's all coarse. i rub on it a liiiittle bit and this piece of denim just falls right off. fuck. and then all these white spots had started appearing. iono wth it is. so im guessing probably some h2so4 from a chem lab the day before. damn my last lab too =[ oh well. it is the natural wear of the jeans after all. =|

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